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Lighthouse Call for Submissions Closes

Call for Submissions for Lighthouse (Oxford International Relations Society Journal) 

Formerly known as Sir, Lighthouse is launched as the new title for IRSoc’s journal! Right now we are accepting pitches (a paragraph / abstract describing your article idea) for Lighthouse’s Michaelmas 2016 issue. Send us your pitch and a writing sample to by October 16th. 

Do you think that the behaviour of fans at the Euros says something about European relations at large, or maybe you think Eurovision is a better reflection? Do you think hummus plays a big role in Middle Eastern politics? Does the history of the spice trade have lasting repercussions today? 
In this term’s edition of Lighthouse we will be looking at how PEOPLE, our culture, our traditions, our art and our behaviour affect international politics, and we’d love to hear your ideas. We want Lighthouse to focus on the more artistic, the more alternative and the more human aspects of global relations.

Our symposium this year will be a collection of articles based on the theme of The Arts and IR. 

Art and creative expression has long been used as a key means of state power and political projection – consider the importance of Soviet art and architecture. However, art has also been used as a means of communicating dissent and resistance against top-down authority. We want to know about how exciting artistic projects across the world are bringing big change to their communities and promoting a better future for our world. How is a theatre project in Jordan bringing refugees together? How is a street art project in South America inspiring a new generation? Or how is a new fashion label in Liberia is empowering women economically?

If you think you have a great idea, send us a paragraph outlining your article idea and a writing/ art sample to by October 16th. 

We’re not just looking for written pieces, but also artwork and creative design!
Photo essays
Note: Final written pieces are usually 800-1,500 words in length.

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