Apply for the Trinity 2019 Publications Team


Are you interested in international relations? do you want to produce high quality student journalism? Would you like to be involved in analysing some of the biggest current affairs issues?

If the answer to any of the above questions was a yes, you should definitely consider applying for the Oxford International Relations Society Trinity 2019 Editorial Team. 

We are currently recruiting individuals to fill positions in all of our publications: our termly print journal, the Lighthouse (seven positions), our podcast, the Beacon, (four positions), our online content, the Lighthouse website (three positions), and our daily e-news bulletin (up to five positions). In addition, we are looking for an editor-in-chief to lead the team.

All of these positions last for a term. You can apply for multiple positions.

The application process for all of these positions will involve submitting a brief cover letter and CV, and will involve a brief interview at some point in eighth week. 

To apply please complete the form here.

All applications are due by 23:59 Friday, 1st March. If you have any questions please e-mail

Positions Available


Position filled

As editor-in-chief you are responsible for the management of the entire publications team, reporting directly to the society President. From appointing its members, to managing Lighthouse budgeting and printing, to designing the Daily Bulletin, you will play a decisive role in shaping the team’s output and direction. You will work collaboratively with the team members you’ve appointed to produce a high quality podcast, daily news summary and printed magazine. Unsurprisingly, this role is a major – but manageable – commitment, and extremely satisfying.

The ideal candidate for this position will have prior experience leading teams and be confident in their ability to manage multiple areas simultaneously during the course of a term. Prior experience with and a keen understanding of IRSoc publications will be a significant advantage over other applicants.



Positions filled

As co-editor you will be in charge of managing the production of next term's copy of Lighthouse. This role is divided between two people, who will divide responsibilities for managing the team of 4 sub-editors and 1 graphic designer, managing the editing and writing process, overseeing the design of the journal and running the promotion and distribution of the journal. The workload involved can be heavy, and is concentrated particularly between 4th and 6th week as the writing, editing and design of the journal nears completion.

We are looking for applicant with strong organisational skills, who are confident in managing people and have a clear idea for what they want to achieve as co-editor. Experience with editing and other publications will be a significant advantage over other applicants. 



Positions filled

As a sub-editor you will be part of a small team directly overseeing the writing and editing of up to four articles. You are often required to write an article to contribute to the journal yourself. You will also be required to help promote the journal and contribute ideas/thoughts towards its production. The workload for this role is relatively light, reaching its peak in 3rd and 4th week when articles are going through the writing process.

No experience is required for this role but strong writing skills and an interest in editing and/or journalism are necessary. We strongly encourage anyone interested in trying out editing for the first time to apply for this role as a way to introduce yourself to it, many of our sub-editors go on to become editors after their first term.

Web head editor

Positions filled

As a web head editor you will oversee the growth and development of our newly launched website. You will be responsible for overseeing a team of two sub-editors and creating a production schedule for the term. You will commission, approve, and edit final drafts of short articles with a quick turnaround for publication. This role gives you a key opportunity to shape the direction of our website, and to help grow our online audience.

We are looking for applicants with strong organisational and editing skills, and a familiarity with web design will provide a significant advantage over other applicants (experience using Wix is a plus). You should have a clear vision for what you want to achieve in the role.


2 places available

As a web editor you will be part of a small team directly overseeing the writing and editing of one or two articles a week. You will also be required to help promote the website and contribute ideas/thoughts towards its growth. The workload for this role is lighter than that of a journal sub-editor, as online pieces will be shorter and require fewer edits, but is more consistent throughout the term.

No experience is required for this role but strong writing skills and an interest in editing and/or journalism are necessary. Experience with web design is a plus but is not required.


Position filled

As graphics editor you will work under the direction of the co-editors to design the graphics for next term’s edition of Lighthouse. This is a high impact role: you’ll design the journal’s cover and be responsible for producing an artwork file that can be sent to the journal’s printers. 

No experience with writing or editing is specifically required for this role, but experience using professional publishing software, such as Adobe InDesign, is a must. The role’s workload is concentrated in 6th week, once the journal’s articles have been written and edited, although you may be asked to start work on elements such as the cover earlier in the term.


Beacon: Podcast Head Editor

1 place available

As the head editor of the podcast your role will be similar to those of the other podcast editors in that you will still be required to produce three or four podcasts over the course of the term. You will also be required to manage the other editors and ensure that deadlines are hit and that editing and content are of an acceptable quality. Taking a lead on promotion is also a core part of the role.

Experience with editing and producing podcasts is essential. Strong organisational skills are also needed, as well as strong attention to detail and competence advertising on social media.


Beacon: Podcast Editor

2-3 places available

As a podcast editor you will be required to produce 3 to 4 high quality podcast episodes over the course of the term. You will need to organise interviews with figures linked to International Relations as a field: these do not need to be academic in nature but do need to be relevant to current affairs and IR. Episodes need to last between an 30 minutes to an hour.

We are looking for candidates with strong organisational skills who are able to keep to deadlines. Confidence in an interview setting is an absolutely necessary skill and you will need to be prepared to think on your feet and ask insightful, probing questions. Experience in podcasting is beneficial but ideal entry level role in podcasting and editing, we will prioritise those who we feel have potential over those we feel have experience but lack the necessary skill set.

Daily bulletin Editor

Multiple places available

As daily editor you will be asked to produce a summary of the news from around the world one day a week by 10AM. Your summaries will need to cover news from across the world and be sourced from respected and reliable papers, sites and other publications. 

A keen interest in current affairs and journalism are necessary for the role. No experience is required but a critical awareness of the quality and veracity of news sources is.