Still Fit For Purpose? The UN at 70

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Geopolitical alliances, the changing nature of conflict and the concept of humanitarian intervention have all thrown up new issues for the Security Council. Its efficacy has been questioned, particularly in light of their failure to intervene during the Rwandan Genocide and the current Syrian conflict. So, can the Security Council – and the broader UN – remain fit for purpose in light of this rapidly changing world? In this week's podcast Amelia Cooper spoke to Lydia Swart, Consultant at the Centre for UN Reform Education. She has been following the question of UN Security Reform since 2006, before which she worked in various non-profits and UN related organizations. Following that, she spoke to UN Expert Sam Daws, who has worked for or with the UN for over 25 years. He served for three years as First Officer to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and then spent six years as the Executive Director of the UN Association of the UK. He has since worked for the British Government in UN-related roles, and has written profusely about the UN. What are your thoughts? Get involved by visiting our website, Facebook page and Twitter feeds and comment to keep the debate going. We will post details of the speakers ahead of the recording and you have any questions you'd like us address please send them in to