Has Latin America Shifted Away from the Left?

This week The Beacon addresses the recent shift in Latin American politics away from the left. To understand recent events in the region, to what extent politics really are shifting away from the left and what possible consequences these changes could have, we weighed in with Andrea Noel, Dr. David Doyle and Robie Mitchell. Andrea is a freelance journalist based in Mexico City and former Latin America editorial coordinator for Vice News, David is a professor of comparative government at the University of Oxford and fellow at the Latin America Centre, and Robie is a former research associate at the Council of Hemispheric Affairs.

To read more about this topic you can check out Andrea’s article for Vice News here and Robie’s article for COHA here. Our intro and outro music is provided by podcastthemes.com. The interlude music is Gymnopédie no. 1, available here