Beacon TT 2018, Week 3: "A Grim Situation: Trump’s US and the Iran Deal" – Amin Saikal

In this week’s special episode of “The Beacon”, uploaded the day after Trump withdrew the US from the Iran Deal, Tandee Wang, an international contributor from the Australian National University, talks to Amin Saikal about the deal and its consequences for the Middle East region and the international community.  

Saikal is a Professor of Political Science and Director of the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies at the ANU. His major works include “Iran at the Crossroads” (2016), “Zone of Crisis” Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq” (2014) and “Modern Afghanistan: A History of Struggle and Survival” (2012). Last year, he was co-leader of Australia’s first high-level dialogue with Iran in over a decade. Saikal is therefore perfectly placed to share his insights on the uncertain relationship between the US and Iran in the age of Trump.